Our program focuses on a slow adjustment in lifestyle habits with emphasis on cooperation and setting realistic goals. One step at a time, in the time it takes to reach a rehabilitated you. A good lifestyle coach does not tell you what to see but where to look, not what to do, but what the possibilities are. Ultimately the choices must be made by you. 

We offer behavior modification in:

We adopted some of the fundamentals of the Watson and Tharp “Self-Directed Behavior” textbook [E69], and "Born to Win", Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments. Muriel James, Ed.D., and Dorothy Jongeward, Ph.D. [E59] Plus, used some of the methods of a behavior modification program available through the German workbook "Sich ändern lernen" [D28] written by behavior therapists Teegen, Grundmann and Röhrs of the University of Hamburg. The program was developed, tested and published in in the mid 70’s.  

We have added five essential sections to the program:

•    Online communication: Webinars, as well as small online groups or private counseling. Also accessible incognito if you wish to have additional privacy.

•    Health (symptoms, allergies, psychosomatic)

•    Genetics (heredity, DNA)

•    Activities (physical, mental, intellectual)

•    Nutrition (availability, unsuitable, healthy) The program aims to:   Guide you to recognize with more clarity about your problems and circumstances and to rethink your needs and objectives;

♦   Encourage effective strategies to achieve goals;

♦   Help you to become more independent from undesirable temptations.

Example: The “Diet” Concept

You didn’t put all this weight on overnight. No, it might have taken a very long time. Very slow over time, were you at first not really noticed it, or didn’t want too. Then you wanted your old self back and tried one of those super hip diets and . . . and then you tried again . . . and again . . . does that sound familiar?

Unfortunately, there is no magic diet. Getting help is effective only when we are willing to stop looking for magic and participate fully in solving our problem with the help of a helper.  Anyone trying to lose weight wants to lose it fast.

However, evidence shows that people who lose weight gradually (about 4 to 8 pounds per month) are more successful because it is much easier to gradual change and maintain eating habits and introduce physical activity slowly.  

Find out more about it and Register and book your free appointment here. Or, check out our website and use the Contact Form for more information. Please note. We are a not-only-for-profit organization. No ads and no data mining. NA2W is operated by volunteers and funded by donations only.

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Private Counselling Overview:           

Free Session:          If you are interested in online private counseling (the first session is free), register and make an appointment through our Booking Calendar. We will confirm the booking via email and contact you through Skype or Google Hangout at the agreed time to discuss the services we offer. In our program, we shall jointly develop a plan for how we shall gradually make practical improvements in your everyday life. It only works on a long-term basis if you make realistic and slow changes in your lifestyle. The changes must be positive; don’t take anything away without replacing it with something good. If something fails, and that's to be expected, we will make changes until we find the right course.

Bookings & Fee:               After one free session and the client wants to continue, new appointments are booked. Session payments are asked to be made in form of a donation and in accordance with income (honor system), starting from $10 and up per session. We offer our service to anyone in need of lifestyle counseling. If you can’t pay at this time a small donation, please contact us. There are no obligations to the time frame or number of sessions. Donations can be made via PayPal, credit card, money order or bank transfer. 

Program & Service Details

Free Session:        In the first free session, the client and lifestyle coach will meet online and get to know one another. An encrypted program file will be created with general information (name & address) The file is transparent to the client and lifestyle coach only. In each session, the client and coach will view and update this file. They will discuss and make notes on program changes and progress. Your file is the diary to success. At the end of the session, a second free session can be booked.

Second Session:     In the second session, the lifestyle coach will ask and record a series of eating, activity and work questions to get a picture of the client’s lifestyle, stress and general health condition. After that, the client and coach will explore changes in a Lifestyle Program.

 Family Program:      In general, the family/partner program is similar to the single/individual program. The main difference is that perhaps more individuals participate in a session and must agree to make changes in their lifestyle as a family. With several family members involved, it usually takes longer to achieve goals.

Security and Privacy:     NA2W uses SSL (encrypting) and the latest security updates on the Internet market. For additional privacy, the client can register incognito (not using your real name.) For more safety information, please go to our Privacy page.

The length of Sessions:        Sessions are 50 minutes long. The client and the coach will hold the meeting via Skype or Google Hangout video conference. If a video conference has been interrupted or disconnected, the coach will re-establish the connection with the client to continue the session. If a reconnection is not possible, the coach will call the client on his landline to finish the session, or to re-schedule a new one.

Cancellation and change of session date/time:  The client is responsible for notifying NA2W two full business days prior to the booking if he/she can’t make the session or wants to change the appointment.

We are a not-only-for-profit organization. No ads and no data mining. NA2W is operated by volunteers and funded by donations only.