Information Center

The Info Center and instruction-extras can be used freely. These educational tools are also being used for online counselling and teaching. 

Information Center:    Our ever growing Info Center offers you concise and detailed information on Human Behavior, Activity, Pathology, Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition and Food Additives. These over 1500 articles have a wealth of condensed and focused information. 

Video Library:  To better inform you, over 250 English and German videos offer you reports, controversial documentaries, and lectures. The subjects are on food purchasing & processing, agriculture, big food, food politics, institutional & restaurant food, big pharma and nutritional health opinions. These videos have two-minute news reports, one-hour shocking investigated documentaries, and two-hour university lectures. Please note some videos are very graphic and not suitable for children. NA2W selected these videos for information purposes, and are great discussion material. Please note that these videos are for information and discussion purposes only; we do not endorse any of the opinions in these videos.

References:       English and German language references from books, medical journals, lectures and online government health and agriculture departments, in alphabetical sequences.