Online Coaching

We have created an online personal lifestyle coaching experience that is modeled, as closely as possible, after in-person counselling. We adhere to the same professional ethics and standards of practice online as we would do if we were meeting you in an office. You can expect the same level of care that you would expect with a highly qualified and experienced in-person lifestyle coach. Check it out, register and book your first free appointment. 

How does online nutritional lifestyle coaching work?

There are online communication tools that can be used for online counseling, such as Skype or Google Hangout. You can use any one of these programs. Today’s online conference technology is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, it still fails us at times.  If you’re getting disconnected, your coach will re-connect to continue the session. If that is not possible, he will get back to you via telephone or text message to finish or re-schedule the session. On the good side, online video conferencing is continually improving. 


How to get started?

Free registration is fast and easy. After you have securely registered and booked a free session, you will receive a confirmation through email. At the confirmed time and date your lifestyle coach will contact you via Skype or Google Hangout. If you need help with the registration or need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In the first session, you will get to know your lifestyle coach. You will describe your concerns so that your counselor will know how to help you. For more details, please visit our Program page.


What is an online counseling session?

If you go to a nutritional counselor's office for therapy, you will usually spend about 50 minutes with your counselor discussing your concerns, setting goals, and working through solutions.

Similarly, your online lifestyle coach will spend at least 50 minutes discussing, making notes (which you can view and have access anytime you wish) and setting goals. In a very real sense, your counselor will provide you therapy through a video/audio connection, which is why we call it online session.

NA2W’s proprietary software is specifically designed for the sole purpose of online counseling. Our Internet Security page provides details about how we protect your confidentiality.


Is online nutritional counseling effective?

Early research suggests that there is no difference in client satisfaction or outcomes with online sessions as compared to in-person counseling sessions.


What are the benefits of online nutritional therapy?

Aside from having a free NA2W session offered, this form of therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals who:

• do not have access to a nutritional therapist nearby;

• are anxious or embarrassed about going to see a nutritional therapist in person. You can register online incognito (not using your legal name) with our administration. If you don't want to be seen in a session, you can shut down your video camera and use audio only;

• do not have the time to get to and from a therapist's office. If you have a connection to the Internet, you can reach us from your home or wherever it's convenient for you;

• live in a foreign country, or

• can’t get to a nutritional therapist due to physical incapacity.

By saving on overhead expenses and with the help of volunteers, NA2W can offer the service at approximately a third of regular counseling charges. If you can't pay the full fee at this time, we will help. For a reduction of fees in the form of a donation, please contact us.


What are the limitations of online counseling?

Online Therapy requires that you be comfortable with using a computer and expressing yourself online.


What about my privacy?

·         You have the option not to use your legal name. You can register incognito.

·         We are solely discussing nutrition, activity and lifestyle habits.

·         What is SSL? SSL and Secure Certificates provide security by encrypting the communication.

·         If you are shy or don’t want to be seen, turn the video off, and the session can be done in audio only.

·         Check out NA2W’s Security and Privacy Policy