Bookings & Donation

After a free session, future session payments are asked to be made in form of a donation and in accordance with income (honor system), starting from $10 and up per session. There are no obligations to the time frame or number of sessions. If you can't pay the full fee at the time, we will help. NA2W is a not-only-for-profit organization. For session fee information details please contact us. Donations can be made via PayPal, credit card, money order or bank transfer.

All you need to know about our online sessions and how to make your first free appointment

Video conferencing technology allows you to communicate on a face-to-face basis with one or more people at a time. You need a camera -- such as a webcam -- a monitor to display images. All new generation Videoconferencing, tablets and laptop models have that built-in already in their unit. A headphone set with microphone is a requirement if you want to have quality communication with people in a video conference. 

You also need a means of transmission such as Skype or Google Hangout and a High-Speed Internet connection. NA2W is using Skype and Google Hangout.


Skype and Google Hangout video conferencing allow you to communicate with people, regardless of where they live for free or a very small cost. This is an ideal way to hold a meeting, especially if friends or clients are spread throughout the world. Instead of spending time and money to reach a meeting point, you can hold a video conference. During these video conferences, you can share computer applications, allowing you to view and/or tweak documents in real time while chatting.

How safe is online conferencing and what about privacy?

NA2W’s number one priority is the protection of our client’s privacy. We are not an ad-based site. We do not sell data information. This website uses 24/7 SiteLock SECURE protection. Our Server has Safe Harbor Certification.

We use SSL and Secure Certificates which provide security for the website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website.

You have the option not to use your real name. You can register incognito.

Our discussion subjects are limited to nutrition, activity and lifestyle habits.

If you are a shy person and don’t want to be seen on the screen, turn the video off, and the session can be done in audio only.

For more information, check out NA2W’s Security and Privacy Policy.

How do I book my first free session?

After you have registered and have received via email your password, click on the Log In button and use your email/username and password to enter the system. If you can’t remember your password, please select ''Forgot Password'' and a new password will be emailed to you.

Please Log In to view the team of Lifestyle Coaches available and preferred language.

Look up the Coaches Schedules. The available booking times are in blue. Click on a time that is convenient to you and enter your name and Skype or Google Hangout.

If you need additional help, your coach will explain the booking time method in detail. A window will pop up to confirm the date and time. Please confirm with your name and preferred type of communication (Skype or Google).

The coach and you will receive an appointment date and time confirmation email. At the date and booking time, the Coach will contact you via your preferred communication (Skype or Google Chat) service.

Register and book your free appointment now. 

I need help making my first appointment. Can I contact you for help?

Yes, use the Contact Form and request help with your first free appointment. We will then get together and show you how to book a session and/or solve any other problem you may have.

I'm a very private and shy person. I don't want to be seen in a conference session and I don't want to use my real name. Is it possible to still have nutritional counseling with NA2W?

Yes, you can register incognito (not using your real name) with our administration. If you don't want to be seen in a session, you can shut down your video camera and use audio only.

 I just got disconnected during the session! What now? 

Don’t worry. Your NA2W Coach will call you back right away. If this is not possible, he/she will send you an email and/or call your landline to finish the conversation or reschedule a booking. You should keep in mind that new technology can fail to function at times. The good news is – it is constantly improving.

We’re having a poor Internet connection. The picture quality is not good and you can’t understand the other party. Now, what? 

A poor connection can come from high local traffic, a poor Internet connection somewhere, or many other reasons. When you have poor video or audio, remove the video image and your audio will improve.  Sometimes it is best to switch from Skype to Google Chat or vice versa.  If that does not help, it’s best for the parties to disconnect and re-connect to find improvement.

Mobile Alternatives

Videoconferencing on the go is possible. You can install it on your mobile phone. You can also purchase mobile phones with Skype or Google Hangout already installed. If you wish to Skype, you must make sure the person you're trying to reach has a Skype account as well. Once connected, Skype works like a video conference, allowing you to actually see the person with whom you are speaking. Outside of business purposes, Skype or Google Hangout can be used to simply socialize from across the room, across the state or across the world. Skype and Google can also be installed on both Mac and PC computers for free (as of the time of publication).


Please note:

Booking changes can only be made 2 full business days prior to the appointment date and time.

All your information is kept confidential and is maintained through our Privacy Policy guidelines found in the Security web page.