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1.0 Self-directed Program

Note: Please excuse the temporary mess, we making changes to improve our online behavior modification guidelines to serve you better.

Outline and Objectives: NA2Ws behavior modification program is about learning to change slowly, step by step, to renew you. It not only focuses on self-modification for personal adjustment and attitude as well as therapeutic methods that allow analyzing and editing in making specific gradual changes in behavior problems.

We will advise and support to make behavior transformations to achieve life-changing targets with the immediate added benefit to feel so much better about yourself.

Psychological or therapeutic expertise is not presupposed but is conveyed in its basic principles when working through the program. With the knowledge of this program you can overcome your difficulties, but also help others with their problems effectively.

Plus, learning about fresh ideas and getting in touch with other people wrestling with the same issues can also be very helpful motivating you.

Our concentration lies in:

We adopted some of the basics of the Watson and Tharp “Self-Directed Behavior” textbook [E69], and "Born to Win", Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments. Muriel James, Ed.D., and Dorothy Jongeward, Ph.D. [E59] Plus, fundamentally modernized a behavior modification program available through the German workbook "Sich ändern Lernen" [D28] written by behavior therapists Teegen, Grundmann and Röhrs of the University of Hamburg. The program was developed, tested and published in in the mid 70’s. 
We have added five essential sections to the program:
•    Online communication, Webinars, as well as small online groups or private counseling. Also accessible incognito if you wish additional privacy.
•    Health (symptoms, allergies, psychosomatic)
•    Genetics (heredity, DNA)
•    Activities (physical, mental, intellectual)
•    Nutrition (availability, unsuitable, healthy)

The program aims to:  
Guide you to recognize with more clarity about your problems and circumstances and to rethink your needs and objectives;
♦   Encourage effective strategies to achieve goals;
♦   Help you to become more independent from undesirable temptations.
A good lifestyle coach does not tell you what to see but where to look, not what to do, but what the possibilities are. Ultimately the choices must be made by you.

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NA2W was created and is maintained by volunteers. We are politically and economically independent and free of any advertising. NA2W is funded by donations only. Become a volunteer and learn to overcome your own life difficulties. NA2W stands for N = nutrition, A = activity, 2 = body & mind, and W = well-being